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Now is a good time to buy used cars
Now is a good time to buy used cars, especially 4x4s. As the petrol prices come down these look like stunning value if you can afford the fuel and running cost and your mileage is not too high. Pick up 3 year old Land Rover discoveris for £9,000 from a new price of £26,000.
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Cut your motor costs: Insurance
When renewing, use comparison sites such as confised.com or moneysupermarket, average savings are around £200. Don't over estimate your mileage and adding immobiliser or keeping car garaged will reduce premiums. If you can pay the insurance in a lump sum rather than instalments. If your car is an old banger (with low value) consider TPFT (third party fire and theft) only cover which should reduce your prem. further.
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Check out cheap petrol near you.
Use petrolprices.com to find the cheapest petrol nearest your post code. Its pence per litre but will add up to £££s over the year.
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Check tax band before buying
Check tax band before buying Car tax now based on CO2 emissions. Use vcacarfueldata.org.uk to work out the tax band (A to G) of your motor. The tax could be zero (Gwiz, hybrids) to £400 for larger cars. Unfortunately the Government is applying the tax retrospectively on cars up to 6 years old, so you could be in for a shock if you don't check up on what tax you will have to pay.
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Cut your motor costs: speed
Drive as smoothly as possible, harsh acceleration and braking will increase fuel consumption as well as wear and tear in addition to increasing insurance preiums througher higher accident rates. Cars are designed to be as efficient as they can be at 50 m.p.h., driving at 85 uses 25% more fuel than at 70 m.p.h.
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Cut your motor costs: tyres
If your car tyres are 10% under inflated this will give you 2.5% lower fuel economy and 15% increase in tyre wear. When buying tyres you can get get big discounts if you replace more than one. Also shop around and get a price in advance, otherwise you will get priced at what the tyre fitter feels like when you turn up.
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Cheap Flights
For cheap flights there are number of flights to choose from. You could do worse than my favourite, kayak.com which scans hundeds of flight web sites to come up with the best price. Try to be flexible if you can e.g. if there is an option to put in +/- a few days of your required dates then do so as this will increase the cance of finding a cheaper flight. Kayak even allows you to be flexible on which airports you fly in/out of and will provide flights using airports near your chosen airport. If you're really flexible about the dates and/or location then consider using a good travel agent and may know how to get the best deal faster than you could find it youself.
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Get a bike
Haven't got a bike? Get a bike, of the pedalling variety that is. They needn't be expensive - just a few trips on a bike per month will save enough cash on bus/train fares to quickly pay itself. We like things that pay for themselves and bikes are at the top of that list. Will also help to improve your health and save money by avoiding the gym.
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