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Do your research before taking out a loan

Lending or borrowing, cut out the middle man, join Zopa
Join Zopa, cut out the middle man. Lend directly to borrowers or borrow directly from lenders.
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Claim back up to six years worth of credit card charges and fines
Claim back up to six years worth of credit card charges and fines. The card companies have been mis-applying these charges for years.
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Golden Rule of saving and borrowing
If you have both savings and debts then the banks are likely to be making too much money out of you. Use your savings to pay off any debts you may have. This is because the interest rate an your debts are likely to be far higher than the interest you receive from your savings accounts.
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Cancel credit cards you don't use.
Cancel cards you don't use. The maximum available credit on each card shows up on your credit report. Lenders may not want to lend to you if they can see that the total credit available to you is tto high.
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