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Golden Rule of saving and borrowing
If you have both savings and debts then the banks are likely to be making too much money out of you. Use your savings to pay off any debts you may have. This is because the interest rate an your debts are likely to be far higher than the interest you receive from your savings accounts.
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The differnce between gambling and investing
According to Warren Buffet, these are the things which make an investment: A business you understand. Favourable long term economic outlook. Trustworthy Management. A sensible price tag. Anything else is just speculation.
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Free Real Time Stock Market Information
If you would like to check stock prices and would like free real time information, try checking : http://marketdata.equiduct-trading.com They operate a trading platform and give out derived real time stock prices based on the best "VBBO" price from various connected exchanges.
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