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Welcome to deadcert.com. Money saving tips for everyone!

3 Dead Cert Tips

Switch energy providers
Every 6 months or so, if you've never switched the average saving is 15%. With rising fuel prices, there has never been a better time to change your energy provider.
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Lets (Local Exchange & Trading Systems)
Local Exchange & Trading Systems (Lets) - start a community based network to trade all kinds of goods and services. These work by creating a kind of currency, with cheque books issued to members to buy goods/services. [Won't this cut out the tax man? - wonder how long that'll last! - Kev.]
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Cut your motor costs: Insurance
When renewing, use comparison sites such as confised.com or moneysupermarket, average savings are around £200. Don't over estimate your mileage and adding immobiliser or keeping car garaged will reduce premiums. If you can pay the insurance in a lump sum rather than instalments. If your car is an old banger (with low value) consider TPFT (third party fire and theft) only cover which should reduce your prem. further.
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