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3 Dead Cert Tips

Cut your motor costs: speed
Drive as smoothly as possible, harsh acceleration and braking will increase fuel consumption as well as wear and tear in addition to increasing insurance preiums througher higher accident rates. Cars are designed to be as efficient as they can be at 50 m.p.h., driving at 85 uses 25% more fuel than at 70 m.p.h.
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Transfer Benefits if possible
Ask your employer about any benefits which may be transferred to you on redundancy or leaving your job, especially if you know you have another job to go to w/out such benefits, e.g. taking out private medical insurance can cost twice as much privately as going through a company scheme. If you've been with Bupa 2 years through a company scheme then there would be no need to be under writeen again.
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Get a bike
Haven't got a bike? Get a bike, of the pedalling variety that is. They needn't be expensive - just a few trips on a bike per month will save enough cash on bus/train fares to quickly pay itself. We like things that pay for themselves and bikes are at the top of that list. Will also help to improve your health and save money by avoiding the gym.
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