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3 Dead Cert Tips

Check tax band before buying
Check tax band before buying Car tax now based on CO2 emissions. Use vcacarfueldata.org.uk to work out the tax band (A to G) of your motor. The tax could be zero (Gwiz, hybrids) to £400 for larger cars. Unfortunately the Government is applying the tax retrospectively on cars up to 6 years old, so you could be in for a shock if you don't check up on what tax you will have to pay.
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Lets (Local Exchange & Trading Systems)
Local Exchange & Trading Systems (Lets) - start a community based network to trade all kinds of goods and services. These work by creating a kind of currency, with cheque books issued to members to buy goods/services. [Won't this cut out the tax man? - wonder how long that'll last! - Kev.]
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Make your fuel - its legal.
The UK government allows you to make 2,500 litres of bio fuel per year, tax free. Patrick Whetman at Goat Industries makes kits - see vegetableoildiesel.co.uk. A processor will cost ~£1000 - also take into account the required insurance for potential damage. Average cost per litre is reckoned to be around 10p per litre.
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